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  • Before booking, we strongly recommend that you contact us at in order to discuss about your project.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Each booking includes maintenance fee and 15% tax.
  • Manoir Blackswan is located at 72 Mc Comber, Chateauguay, QC, J6J 3G1
  • If you’d like to make an alteration to your booking or have a special request, please email Your email will be answered within 24-48hrs.
  • For any urgent matter, please call us directly at (514)261-3191


  • We understand that in the creative process of your project, you may need more time than you originally planned. Let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate you by adjusting your rental hours.
  • As we all know, time is the most valuable commodity. Please take in note that your rental begins and ends precisely at the time you’ve booked. If you require extra time to move things, wrap-up, load/unload, we would strongly suggest that you manage your time wisely in order to avoid extra fees.
  • You will be charged an additional $72.00 taxes included for every extra 15 min after your rental time. (For example, if you’ve booked from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and you leave at 5:27 pm, you will be charged $144.00 taxes included).


  • No refunds. For cancelled bookings you will get a studio credit.
  • Cancellations or rescheduling less than 7 days prior to check-in incur a rescheduling fee of 25% of booking total value.
  • Cancellations or rescheduling 24-48 hours prior to check-in incur a rescheduling fee of 50% of your booking total value.
  • Cancellations or rescheduling less than 24 hours of your check-in – no refund or reschedule will be offered.
  • If Manoir Blackswan cancels your booking we will offer 100% refund to the guest.


  • Photography & Videography of Nude and Erotic Art content is allowed
  • Pornographic content at Manoir Blackswan is strictly prohibited
  • Please remove shoes inside the mansion after loading
  • No outdoor footwear is to be worn past the entrance for the hygiene of the mansion in order to protect the floor and the antique rugs.
  • No smoking (special request may be permitted)
  • No Alcohol (special request may be permitted)
  • No pets allowed (special request may be permitted)
  • No glitter (special request may be permitted)
  • Max capacity is 20 people (special request may be permitted)
  • If overtime is needed, please let us know 1 hour prior to the end time of the shoot. We will check availability as we may need to adjust the schedule to accommodate.
  • Do not stand on or place equipment on antique furniture.
  • Do not drag furniture. Pushing and dragging furniture across the floor ruins the floor and the furniture. Please lift any piece of furniture or object to prevent damages.
  • Before leaving return all furniture and props exactly back to where you found them.
  • Please respect the space and put your garbage in the garbage bin.
  • Damage policy is if you break, stain, rip, any form of damage to property, you will be charged for repair or full replacement of the damage as inspected by the owner.
  • The mansion is monitored by video cameras as a security measure and will be used to confirm any damage or theft. The security camera is there for liability purposes.