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After scouring the online ads as I do at all hours of the day, I was lucky enough to come across a beautiful Art Deco Wedding Cake style ceiling light with crystals.

The thrill of the adventure when you make a living buying antiques is the mystery of never knowing what you’ll stumble upon once you reach your destination.

Already arrived in front of the building, the facade inspired me confidence.

The ceiling light dates from the 1920s and is original to the building. It is unfortunately more and more rare today to make this kind of find.

This type of ceiling light was sold in different size and with different type of finish. This one has a beautiful nickel plated finish on a brass base and offers 5 tiers of crystals.

The building will be sold and possibly modernized by its new buyers, I was at least lucky enough to save this beautiful piece that will be restored and put on sale online on the international market.

The beautiful original moldings are still intact in the building and I’m really hoping they stay that way!

See you on the next adventure!

– Emmanuel

Manoir Blackswan

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