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The idea of building a place where I could live within my collection while working in my workshop from home had long been in the back of my mind.

At the time, I was working in the basement of my bungalow, restoring antique and vintage lighting fixtures that I shipped around the world.

Having the chance to work from home while living from my passion is a luxury that I absolutely wanted to continue to offer myself, and for my project, the most important thing was to build a home that would be worthy of the pieces I was restoring.

So after months of research, I finally put a clear idea on paper and immediately presented it to an architect to do the visual and technical design.

As soon as I had the preliminary plans, I approached the municipality of Châteauguay to submit the project for the next urban planning advisory committee meeting. To my surprise, the project was welcomed with open arms, and I got the green light for the project’s construction quite quickly.

Meanwhile, I was shopping for materials, choosing companies to work with, navigating between bids, completing restorations, preparing my international orders, and managing my business.

While waiting for the final construction plan from my architect, I started the financing process with my financial institution. It was a real challenge. Nevertheless, after weeks of negotiations and exchanges, I finally obtained the necessary mortgage financing to realize my project, which was later named Manoir Blackswan.

The final architectural plan was delivered on April 16, 2020 and the construction of the building began very quickly after that.

To be continued!

– Emmanuel

Manoir Blackswan

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